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Need A Facilitator or MC – Ask Trish


Need  an experienced Facilitator for your Focus Group, Discussion Group or Panel? Contact Trish.

Trish has facilitated brainstorming sessions for companies and businesses, speaker panels for conferences and expos.


Need a Master of Ceremonies (MC) for your wedding, special function, charity event, conference, book launch, gala dinner or expo? Contact Trish to host your next special event.

Trish’s MC events include the Personal Growth Expo 2017 & 2018, Australian Romance Readers Convention, Shave for a Cure and Grafton Arts Fest Gala Dinner.


“Recently I participated in a leadership panel which was put together and facilitated by Trish Springsteen. As it was the first panel I had ever participated in, and as it was a full house, I was a little self-conscious. Trish, however, orchestrated the whole thing in a way that made it seamless and created an atmosphere that allowed interaction and precision in the delivery. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and the experience was invaluable. Thank you for your faith in me Trish and thank you for being so professional in all that you do.     Deborah Fay MJL Publishing


“Trish Springsteen answered my call for help with the first Personal Growth Expo on the Gold Coast Nov 2017. Trish’s advice and guidance regarding speaking and running workshops was impeccable however I wasn’t open to listening. I learnt the hard way and put Trish in a very difficult position as the MC but she took it all in her stride. She was absolutely amazing and I remember thinking how professional she was when arriving with clipboards in hand having all of speakers and workshops, 18 in all, introductions written out ready to go. She got the crowd moving and engaged exhibitors to step up and talk about their products and services. The feedback we received from our guests at the expo was outstanding with many comments saying how good it was to have someone steering or directing people to what was available at the Personal Growth Expo. Trust in what Trish has to say, her expertise and guidance will ensure you have a successful event when she is your Master of Ceremonies.
Congratulations and thank you Trish we could not have done it without you. We look forward to spending more time with you at the 2018 Personal Growth Expo.  Susan Jane Founder and Organiser Personal Growth Expo 2017 & 2018

“As the MC for our wedding reception, Trish brought a relaxed, friendly and very personalised feel to the more formal proceedings of our day. Her ability to engage and entertain a diverse crowd of close to 200 people – most of whom she did not know – added such a special touch to our reception, and to our day overall. Best of all, Trish kept proceedings flowing smoothly in an organised yet unrushed format; friendly, light-hearted and very together. Trish ensured all speeches were kept concise and appropriate, people knew what was happening at the right stage of the night, and the formalities were concluded with a minimum of fuss…a huge weight off our shoulders so we could truly enjoy the magic of our wedding day. Thank you Trish – your professional, personalised contribution to our wedding will always be appreciated.”  David and Maureen Wicks



 Need someone else to take the worry out of your next important business meeting? Contact Trish for an  experienced Independent Chairman.

I Can Also Speak at Your Events

A speaker can make or break your event. With Trish Springsteen we guarantee that you will be…inspired, motivated, enlightened and entertained.

This weekend’s presentation gave me an insight in the ability that I can help make the tasks achievable with less stress when planned well.

The feedback from a potential 29 participants gave us 26 completed forms which says that members really enjoyed the experience, like to give positive feedback and are supportive in the learning process.  There is a saying that “When the student is willing – the teacher will appear!”  – That is what Trish’s presentations do for me – there is always something that triggers the memory to open the mind, learn again and be willing and confident to give it a try.

I Congratulate Trish for her achievements, to step up and be counted, and I certainly wish her all the Best in All she plans to do in the future.

Dawn K Smith

I love Trish
Upon short notice Trish met with me before my business presentation was due.
Trish helped with focusing on what slides to keep in my power point, steps to follow and in what order and to focus on the unique wow.
Trish also helped with future marketing ideas and how to achieve them.
This has led to free publicity in a Brisbane based print/electronic magazine.
With further plans developing for showcasing the business in a hands on experience.

Fiona Robinson

Owner, White Wings Dove Service

OMG! That’s all I can say about our guest tonight on In Life Now Radio, Communication Expert Trish Springsteen THANK YOU for teaching and sharing with us on how to become better and more effective communicators!

Your wisdom and insight is appreciated on this topic that many struggle with… If any of you missed the show don’t fear.  

Toresa Blakely

InLifeNow Radio

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