10 Ways To Get Known Be Seen On Social Media

Social Media is great to connect with your clients. It can, however be very overwhelming. You need a plan, a goal, you need to know what you want to achieve. Here are some tips to be effective and make the connection:

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Books & Publications

Early in her personal growth journey Trish had the limiting belief that she could not write. Mentors and having to confront producing a blog, articles and the opportunity to contribute a chapter to a book changed all that. Four years later Trish is author, co-author and contributing author to fourteen books with more on the way. Trish discovered she loves writing – more importantly she stopped being selfish refusing to let a limiting belief stop her from sharing her message with those who need to find it.

Tribulations and Triumphs

Trish Springsteen,
Contributing Author

Women on a Mission

Women on a Mission is an Anthology Compiled by Teresa Hawley-Howard and Published by Hot Pink Publishing. When this book was first born, it was meant to be an inspirational book with only about 20 stories, but quickly turned into the masterpiece you see today.

Read the stories of women, who, with shaky legs, wrote about their past. The transformations were like metamorphosis as they each wrote about a painful situation in their life. Women on a Mission is meant to heal because writing heals the soul.

“From Wall Flower to Public Speaker” – Trish Springsteen


Trish Springsteen,

Creating Confident Communicators

A company’s success depends on communication. Employees face an endless exchange of ideas, messages, and information as they deal with one another and with customers day after day. How well they communicate can determine whether a company quickly grows into an industry leader or joins thousands of other businesses mired in mediocrity.

How to Write your Book & Leverage It

with Trish Springsteen,
and 14 amazing authors

Get Known Be Seen

In Get Known Be Seen – How to Write Your Book and Leverage It you will find:

  • what it takes to become an author
  • how to write your book
  • how to promote yourself and your book
  • how to leverage and repurpose your writing

If you are looking to write your own book, publish your own book, promote your book and/or leverage your book either now or in the future this book is definitely for you.



Stories of Courage and Hope

Trish Springsteen

Touched by Breast Cancer

Touched By Breast Cancer is about providing a space of all those who have been touched by breast cancer to share their stories.

20 people share their story- read each story and be part of each person’s journey – there will be tears, there will be gladness. Each journey is different and unique.

Everyone in the community is touched in some way, shape or form from the very moment those dreaded words are said “You have breast cancer”.

Parenting a Child with Autism

Foreward by Julie Cross
Compiled by Deborah Fay

Parenting a Child on the Spectrum

A collection of inspirational stories like no other. If you are a parent of a child on the spectrum, I am sure you can appreciate the value in connecting with other parents who are raising children with ASD.

Each of the 25 authors who have contributed to this collection have significant insights to share, and many work tirelessly with in their communities to bring about positive change.

p201 – “20 Seconds of Insane Courage” – Trish Springsteen


Purple Unicorn® Marketing Academy

For Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

For Business Start Ups and Those Wanting To Know How to Get Known Be Seen

Repurposing and Leveraging to Market Your Business.

Have you bought into the marketing myth – you have to outsource your marketing/you need to get a big company to do the marketing/you can’t do it yourself/ it costs money to market?

The best person to speak about your business, your message is you!

When you join the Purple Unicorn® Marketing Academy we work with you to show you how to confidently, cost effectively market and promote you and your business.

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