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  • On behalf of my organization I would like to take this time to say thank you for your webinar/presentation on Effective Communication. I found the session very informative and look forward to implementing these tools to better assist my organization & colleagues in the future.

    Shallene Amos, IT Training & Software Support Farmset Limited Papua New Guinea

    Shallene Amos

  • Just heard Trish speak. Her passion and confidence for active and proper communication really came through. This lady is so passionate about this area – she has a wealth of knowledge. If you need help improving your communication, being more effective at networking and all of those things you need in business and life; then I highly recommend that you catch up with Trish because she can teach you some beautiful things.

    Amy Richards, Owner Sterling & Hyde

    Amy Richards

  • Trish was just inspiring – I just wish I had met someone like Trish when I started out with what I do.

    Victoria Rose, Corporate Strategies Trainer, Over 50 Still Fabulous

    Victoria Rose

  • Particularly liked the enthusiasm the MC carried into the event. Would definitely use Trish for our MC again.

    Teneille Lake, Events Director Piccola Events

    Teneille Lake

  • Trish Springsteen knew her stuff – excellent presenter.

    Russell Addison, Business Development Manager - Golden West Apprenticeships

    Russell Addison

  • In my early years as a speaker, Trish Springsteen inspired me to always deliver more than expected. She walks her talk! Her skills in the facilitating arena are impressive and I admire the way Trish has her audience in the palm of her hand, no matter what the subject. Tell her what you want delivered and that is what you’ll get.

    Dee Doublas

  • The attendees seemed to respond positively to the interaction between speaker and audience. Audience participation is always a positive sign. Certainly would like Trish to speak to the group again and would recommend her to others.

    Logan Chamber of Commerce

    Rhonda Pascoe

  • “Thanks Trish your inspiration has been just like the coach in my book inspiring and encouraging on so many levels. I am forever grateful for your support.”

    Author 'The Well Used Key'

    Jan Muir

  • “Trish, thank you so much for all your help. You’ve shown me techniques that calm me, make me focus and more confident. You’ve inspired me to speak up and help others that need a voice. I appreciate all you’ve done!”

    Halina Maxwell

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